The studio is open!

We are running in-studio (socially distanced) classes

simultaneously with live ZOOM “hybrid” classes.

Strict COVID-19 Protocols are enforced.

Please see the schedule below.

We also have series of classes available on YouTube and

Semi Private classes for your pod.

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Schedule for in-studio / ZOOM

~ March 23 – May 14 ~

The studio will be closed March 15 – 19



Class Descriptions

BEGINNER YOGA ~ Foundations of Classical Hatha – 60 minutes

All bodies and levels of practice are welcome, especially those who are just starting out on their mat or just returning! This class is slower paced and focuses on creating an engaging, fun and supportive environment with an emphasis on building good foundational alignment in classical Hatha poses (asana). The postures aim to increase oxygen and circulation to joints and muscles by bringing length and strength while releasing tension and stress to create a stability on our mats and in our daily lives. Guidance and modifications are given in order to allow each person to honor and listen to their body making each practice uniquely their own.Students are invited to explore the breathwork (pranayama) that is integrated throughout the class in order to enhance the physical practice while settling the mind, deactivating the stress response and allowing the body to find a comfortable place in each posture. A short meditation will be offered in each class to become familiar with accessing an internal centered state of mind that cultivates a deeper level of awareness and peace.

By finding balance, stillness and space in the body, mind and energy we can cultivate a connection to the present moment and our highest selves.

CORPORATE Yoga – 50 minutes

No time in your busy day to fit in a yoga class?  We are happy to come to your place of business to teach your team during your lunch hour! These 50 minute ”lunchtime” classes combine yoga poses with a touch of breathing and meditation, teaching your team various stress-relieving techniques which they can utilize both during their work day and in their home life.  The yoga asanas themselves are tailored to aid in both flexibility and strength, with a focus on the lower back, hips, shoulders, wrists, posture and overall alignment; common “problem” areas associated with time sitting at a desk.  This program has been designed specifically to address stress and will assist your team in feeling energized, calm and more focused.

GIRLS ONLY TEEN Yoga (ages 12 – 18) 60 minutes

There is enormous pressure on teenage girls to have the “perfect” body, as dictated by the media. This societal concern along with natural hormonal fluctuations can cause girls to not recognize, be comfortable in, or like their changing bodies. Yoga can help them get in touch with themselves physically, mentally and emotionally.

These Teen Classes will include rhythmic breathing and meditation, teaching the  students a natural way to manage their daily stresses and inherent mood swings. Learning to breathe correctly now will help develop lifetime tools to quiet the mind and calm anxieties. A supportive, non-competitive atmosphere will help the girls to discover their personal yoga practice, and that they alone are responsible for feeling good about themselves.

Posture also will be a key focus of these classes, as it can deteriorate during these years due to time on electronics and carrying heavy backpacks. We will also work on helping the girls realize the strength their bodies already have (or can build through yoga), which enhances their personal power and self esteem.

As the girls continue to grow, their bones lengthen and often their muscles do not keep up. This can cause a loss in flexibility. Yoga helps to maintain or increase their flexibility, which is important for general health, but which also is key to sports injury prevention. Yoga is a perfect compliment for all body types, including young dancers and athletes whose muscles are strong but also short, and therefore lack flexibility.

These Introductory Classes will progress from initially learning and understanding the asanas (postures), to linking them together (almost like a dance), using the breath. Ultimately the class will be a flow style of yoga to help the girls get out of their busy minds and into their bodies. Our goal is that these young women will learn to be present and mindful, to appreciate the beauty of their own bodies, and to feel strong and confident. And along the way, we promise to have a lot of fun!!!

HATHA Yoga – 60 minutes

Hatha Yoga uses a combination of physical postures (Asanas), breathing techniques (Pranayama) and meditation (Dyana) to improve overall physical health and mental well-being. At FYB, we use our breath to link poses together creating a more fluid class than your typical static longer held Hatha. Focusing on both strengthening and stretching, the postures aid in increasing circulation in the organs, glands, and tissues while promoting supple muscles and spine.  This in turn brings you back into proper alignment which leads to improved flexibility and balance (both physical and mental). A regular Hatha yoga practice will assist you in creating a strong yet flexible body, and a calm and uncluttered mind.

HATHA BALANCE and RESTORE  - 75 minutes

Unwind your day in a class that invites you to mindfully connect with your body. This class is appropriate for all levels, taking the elements of classical Hatha to balance the body and mind through breathwork and longer held poses. The focus is on releasing stress and creating more space in order support all the systems in the body to regenerate our vital energy. Mindfully moving from pose to pose, we will cultivate a greater connection and body awareness within ourselves. Coupled with a longer held Savasana and guided meditations this class aims to help you create a calm and deep centered feeling that is yours to keep!

HATHA BALANCE and FLOW – 60 minutes

Start your morning by finding your center through a balanced flow designed to ground and build strength and space in body and mind. This class incorporates intentional movement with breath using classical Hatha poses to cultivate balance by transitioning through a series of sequences. Alignment focused, this class is for anyone wishing to build a foundation of grounded awareness and ease to create strength and flexibility in ourselves that will translate off the mat. Modifications are always offered to students who are supported at the level of their practice and encouraged to honor their bodies at all times. You will leave the class feeling energetic and confident to carry on with your day!

KIDS Yoga  (ages 6 – 9) 45 minutes

These fun classes will encourage children ages 6 – 9 to strengthen their mind-body connection as well as understand their breath (belly, chest, fast, slow) and it’s varying effects on mood, emotions, etc. Quiet mindfulness will be explored along with many busy yoga games and kid-friendly variations of poses. The classes will be held Mondays 2:30 – 3:15 in  the Lower Lantzville studio. Please call Elizabeth directly to register at (250) 802 4402.

Lunchtime HATHA or YIN – 60 minutes

Do you own a business or work in Lantzville or North Nanaimo? If so, then this in-studio “middle of the workday” class could be perfect for you. We focus on opening the hips, improving posture, toning the lower back, releasing the shoulders, and other issues associated with sitting at a desk. There will be a meditation component as well as various Pranayama or breathing techniques taught, assisting in relieving stress and anxiety. The poses themselves will be of Hatha origin, but will flow together, utilizing the breath to create greater flexibility. What a terrific way to break up a day at the office!!


Private Classes – 30 – 60 minutes

These privately scheduled sessions are an opportunity for a one on one lesson. We will study breath work, work with the Para-sympathetic nervous system to move from Fight or Flight, and discover a number of different meditation techniques, creating tools for you to utilize at home.

Unguided – 30 minutes

This is an opportunity to come and sit and meditate for 30 minutes in a group. The session will be unguided, just bring a cushion and enjoy being among fellow meditators as we create community while raising our collective vibration. 5$ drop-in which will be donated to charity at the end of each month.

Beginner – 45 minutes

We will begin with traditional Satsang or discourse where we discuss a number of topics. These range from our established thought patterns to the varying masks we wear in our daily lives to techniques on how to use your mind rather than allowing it to use you. We will then warm up the low back and hips with some simple yet effective yoga, so that we are able to sit comfortably in meditation. Our journey will then move us into some Pranayam or breath work, before we meditate. Several different methods of meditation will be explored over the weeks. If you are looking to calm and quiet your busy mind, this is the class for you :)

Advanced – 75 minutes

You are an experienced meditator with an established daily practice. We are an intimate international group led weekly via Skype by an enlightened meditator with more than 30 years experience. Please call to discuss the possibility that you are a good fit for this class and the time and day it is being offered


Restorative yoga helps to regulate your nervous system, slow down brain waves, and provide calm conditions for deep healing and rejuvenation to occur.

Its prolonged and profoundly nourishing postures are practiced close to the floor and fully supported by the use of a variety of props (blankets, bolsters, blocks, etc.).  Gentle Pranayam (breath) practices are incorporated to further ease tension and quiet your mind.

This class is suitable to all levels and often accessible to those with injuries.

VINYASA Yoga – 75 minutes

Vinyasa yoga improves your strength, flexibility and balance while teaching you to use your breath to move from one pose to the next. These 75 minute classes incorporate fun and cardio as you take common Hatha yoga poses and string them together creating a vigorous flow of movement. A meditative component will also be included. A great way to get and stay in awesome shape!!

YANG YIN Yoga – 75 minutes

This class is equally challenging and nourishing. Creative sequencing helps your body to flow through poses linking movement with breath. You will work hard, building strength while also regenerating with a Yin pose or two. A delicious Savasana closes off this balancing practice.

YIN Yoga – 60 minutes

Yin Yoga focuses on stimulating the Para-sympathetic Nervous System (Rest and Digest) while gently stretching the deep connective tissues (ligaments, cartilage, bones and joints) as opposed to actively stretching AND strengthening the muscles as we do in Hatha. This is a much more physically passive style of yoga, targeting the connective tissues of the hips, pelvis, and lower spine areas.  As we hold the poses anywhere from 3 to 8 minutes, the class becomes quiet and meditative.  We move to an internal place of focus, allowing ourselves to listen to our busy minds. This can at times be difficult, but we sit with it, and as it becomes easier the constant chatter quietens and we hear new messages from within. Our Yin practice also helps us to “re-boot” our system, assisting in re-opening our energy paths as we release energetic blockages.  Over time with a dedicated Yin practice, you will find that you will achieve greater range of motion as you lengthen the connective tissue.  You will also find that at the end of your Yin class you will be infused with a sense of serenity, calm and emotional / energetic balance.

YIN-YANG Yoga – 75 minutes

Got stress?  Yin – Yang is what you have been searching for!

This class begins with a combination of breathwork and meditation, relaxing you and quietening the mind right from the start. Yin poses follow, deeply stretching the connective tissues only, not using the muscles whatsoever.  Half way through the class we bring a Yang or active component to the class, changing our focus to the musculature by utilizing Hatha poses. We finish with a restorative supported reclining twist followed by Viparita Karani “Legs up the Wall”, again focusing on taming mental and emotional stress and anxiety. The resulting combination is a feeling of having stretched and strengthened your muscles while deeply relaxing your connective tissues, AND turning off the internal chatter…pure bliss!  A perfect way to “Find Your Balance!”.

YOGA NIDRA – approximately 55 minutes

In this age of stress and stress-related disorders, the technique of yoga nidra (yogic sleep) serves as a boon for humankind by inducing deep physical, emotional and mental relaxation. By systematically training the mind to remain calm and quiet and by rooting out repressed thoughts and desires which lead to  pain and disease, we can awaken creativity and promote learning, reduce anxiety, hostility and insomnia, and even help address psychosomatic disorders which lead to asthma, coronary heart disease and cancer. The profound healing potential of yoga can be enhanced with Healing Light Yoga by bringing one of the ancient secrets of Ayurveda to life with through the union of consciousness (pure awareness), breath and subtle intention. With an introduction to a specific type of breath called the Healing Breath, when combined with and specific gentle asana, is a powerful yet gentle way of creating flow and directing energy into the parts of our body that need the most love. Heal from the inside out. Join us for a deeply rejuvenating series, integrating the restorative benefits of yoga Nidra with an introduction to the health-giving effects of healing light yoga.

Yoga Nidra is practiced in a comfortable reclined position with the body supported by props. The student becomes completely relaxed by following a set of audio instructions read by the Nidra teacher. These words when followed without actually falling asleep, invite the practitioner to become systematically and increasingly aware of their inner world. This state of consciousness is different to meditation in which concentration on a single focus is required. Yoga nidra is among the deepest possible states of relaxation while still maintaining full consciousness and has been found to reduce tension and anxiety.

PRIVATE and SEMI-PRIVATE Yoga, Meditation, Wellness, Holistic Life Plan – 60 minutes

Perhaps you don’t have time on a regular basis to make it to a group yoga class, or you feel that personalized one-on-one attention from your teacher is what you are looking for. These classes are designed to fit each student’s individual physical, emotional and scheduling needs. Please contact Elizabeth for more details including pricing information.

YOGA Class Fees :

Registered Classes are $11.25 each and are available in 8 week Sessions.  Please contact Elizabeth for details.  The cost for an 8 week Session including GST is $90.00.

Some specialized classes / workshops (Teen, Pre-Natal, Ayurvedic Cooking Classes, Monthly Restorative Sessions, etc) may have a different fee structure. For example, Teen Sessions run 3 times during the school year with breaks during holidays.  These 10 week sessions have a cost of $125. Please email, text or call Elizabeth for details or questions on other types of special classes.

Sessions for 2021

January 18 – March 12

March 23 – May 14

May 18 – July 9

Sept 7 – Oct 29

Nov 2 – Dec 24

1 registered class per week for 8 weeks = $90.

2 registered classes per week for 8 weeks = $170.

3 registered classes per week for 8 weeks = $250.

If you miss a Registered Class we encourage you to make it up within the same session.  Please email Elizabeth directly to check availability for making up a class.  Sadly no refunds are available for missed classes.  If we need to close for safety reasons due to snow, we will work with you to schedule a make-up class.  Thank you for your understanding. *Due to the current COVID-19 situation, makeup classes are not encouraged. Instead a video of the class you missed will be emailed to you for home study.

If you know you are going to miss a class in advance, please inform us, so that others who are trying to make up a class have greater opportunity.  Thank You!!

Drop-in price for any class is $15.00, including GST. Please be sure to call or email prior to arrival for a Drop In, as most of our classes are full with registered students. We will be happy to work with you to create an opportunity for attendance :-)

There is also a 10 Class Punch Card available for $125.00.  If you prefer to drop-in this may be the option for you.  However your attendance will be subject to availability in each class, with priority given to Registered Students first.  For classes that are full, this would mean being available on short notice when a Registered Student cancels.

Semi-Private Classes are available for your pod. Please email Elizabeth to discuss logistics and request pricing.

To register or drop-in to any other classes, or to book Corporate, Private and Semi-private classes, or if you have any other inquiries please contact Elizabeth at .  All private sessions subject to 24 hour cancellation notice or full fee will be charged.

We gratefully accept cash or a check made out to Elizabeth Stenning.  Thank you.

***Please note that all Island Health and Work Safe BC Protocols applicable for Gyms and Fitness Centres are currently in place in the studio (along with some extra protocols including a HEPA filter air purification system and 3 ply well fitting masks). The Risk Mitigation Plan is posted in the studio, along with “STOP – Do Not Enter if You Are Unwell”, “Physical Distancing”, and “Hand Hygiene” posters.***

Thank you for your compliance with all of our protocols as we continue to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Namaste, Elizabeth