Join Ayurvedic Chef Joanne Cooper, freshly returned from India as she teaches us how to transition gracefully into Vata Season.









The Kapha Workshop sold out immediately and we were able to create a

second workshop March 4th, 10 – 2.

Thank you for your supporting these informative sessions!!



SO excited to announce this AYURVEDIC workshop featuring

Chef Joanne Cooper’s recommendations

for the heavy KAPHA season.

In the spring as the elements of earth and water combine

we can feel sluggish, unmotivated, lethargic -

both physically and mentally.

Our digestion can slow, we may feel congested, fatigued and “stuck” or complacent.

Ayurveda’s seasonal approach to meal preparation

may be exactly what you need to

reawaken naturally along with the Earth this spring :-)

To reserve, email

Space is limited.



Join Ayurvedic Chef Joanne Cooper

and myself, in my kitchen

for this informative and delicious event

May 27th




Looking for a Yoga Retreat in an exotic locale?

Wanting to tick an African Safari off your Bucket List?

Imagine combining both, in one fabulous trip of a lifetime!!

Search no further….


Join Elizabeth

on a

Yoga Safari Retreat

10 days / 9 nights!

Stay in 3 exotic locations,

in luxury accommodation.

$5875 Cdn

Travelling in an intimate group with Kosen Safaris owner Hillary Kosen, this exclusiveYoga Safari Retreat is designed to calm your mind, relax your body and invigorate your senses, encouraging you to experience East Africa and the great migration on a visceral and spiritual level.


Sunset Yoga on the Masaii Mara

Five Star accommodations, chef prepared fresh food and beverages and professional security all enhance your experience.




As LISA GILLETTE (307 203 9113) from Jackson, Wyoming states in a recent testimonial :

“Kosen makes you feel like you are the biggest VIP on the planet! I went to Tanzania with Kosen Safaris last March, and had an exceptional experience. I have been on safari before, to Kenya, and certainly enjoyed it, but with Kosen it was totally different. Kosen Safaris prides itself on a customized experience and lives up to its promise. They will do everything humanly possible to ensure that you are happy – including finding elusive animals! (How do they DO that?!) They made me feel like the most important person in Africa; as if my comfort and contentment were their only priority. And every client
felt the same way as I did!


Navigating the visa process, ground transfers, park entrance fees, police road blocks, et cetera is nothing short of daunting. Kosen Safari staffers are experienced and professional at handling all the details, making it seamless. I found our driver/guide to be knowledgeable and educated about the flora and fauna of the area, both is a :”bookish” way, as in higher education, and also in a personal, hands-on way, as in having had loads of personal experience and history with the wildlife.


I came away with lifelong memories, of course – how could you not – but more than that, I came away feeling like I had been treated to a safari designed exclusively and uniquely for ME. Africa has cast its spell on me and I’ll be back – but only if Kosen is in the driver’s seat!”


The KOSEN Experience

All our safaris are private. We offer thrilling adventures from Kenya to Tanzania, Uganda to Rwanda. We explore the celebrated game parks of East Africa and the exotic shores of Zanzibar and Lamu. In our third generation of safari service, the sky is the limit with our customized trips. And no matter what you choose, you will receive the very best.



How can a safari change a life? A cornerstone of Kosen Safaris is the commitment to enrich and uplift the lives of the people and the communities we visit, in East Africa. We believe passionately that travel should respect both the natural environment and the locals. Kosen Safaris has worked to establish avenues to ensure that willing guests can make contributions that will directly benefit these communities. We make sure the onsite projects we sponsor benefit the indigenous people and the environment. We are proud to join our guests in preserving habitats and improving living conditions for these, indigenous people in East Africa.

Evans and E


Evans, our encyclopaedic Kenyan guide, is an expert on the local flora and fauna. His eye is keen and if you manage to spot wildlife before he does, then your eye is become sharp as well! Evans has a sixth sense about which direction to drive and where to look. A mother and adolescent leopard in a tree with kill, 4 leopard chasing an eland, a massive bull elephant “reshaping” the savannah, if they are in the area, Evans will sniff them out! 



When you travel we us, we anticipate your safety needs and we carefully plan for contingencies. Whether you are on a camping safari in the Serengeti, visiting a cultural village in Masai Mara, trekking Mt Kilimanjaro or beach combing on the Indian Ocean coast, you are always traveling with a team of trained personnel in the highest standards of safety and security. We focus only on East Africa-Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda. Our intimate knowledge of these wonderful countries allows us to pass on the benefits directly to our guests.



COMFORTABLE Safari Vehicles

While on safari, most of the days are spent out on the savannahs looking for game. We at Kosen Safaris understand that the quality of your vehicle is of utmost importance. We provide our guests with the finest top of the line 4 X 4 vehicles with plenty of room, soft seats and headrests and good suspensions which make the ride across the Savannahs more comfortable.

Additionally our vehicles are outfitted with ice chests stocked with bottled water, soft drinks and any other requests for your refreshment. We also have binoculars and Birds and Animals Field Guide for easy reference. And with Elizabeth on board, you can expect some stretching and breathing between animal sitings :-)


FullSizeRender (3)

We think the smaller the group the better the experience. And in keeping with our commitment to personalized service and exclusive arrangements every of our programs are small and intimate. That is why we limit the numbers of guests to 12 or 14 due to limited capacity in our luxury camps and lodges. Travelling in such a small group is a bit like travelling with a group of friends-you just haven’t met them yet.


When you travel to East Africa with us, you are assured of the services of the flying Doctors, a group of well qualified physician who travel by aircraft throughout the east Africa savannahs providing treatment and emergency transportation. The flying doctors services operate seven days a week, generally 24 hours. This peace of mind is included on all our safari programs.


We at Kosen safaris are committed to a style of travel that is environmentally, culturally and socially responsible- we call this responsible travel. By travelling this way means you will contribute more directly to the local economies and have more opportunity to meet the locals. Remember to leave only your footprints. Let us travel responsibly.


Every of our programs are guarantee to depart as schedule regardless of group size. Once your departure date is confirmed and we have received your deposit, you can be rest assured that your safari will take place. We pride ourselves on making and keeping this promise to our guests.


Experience the most enriching and unique sights, smells and sounds of Africa unconstrained by a safari jeep. Accompanied by an expert naturalist, learn first- hand to recognize the different animal prints, see and touch different plants. Some plants and their roots have medicinal values which the local communities have used for many generations to treat different illness.



Knowing all details are meticulously anticipated, you travel, sleep and dine in absolute luxury and become immersed in the wilds of the Savannah. Surrender into your optional Retreat activities which include Gentle Rise and Shine yoga, meditation, restorative yoga, Pranayam, Yin yoga and journalling ~ all suitable for all levels. On your retreat you will discover a more authentic awareness of your physical, mental and spiritual self, while connecting with the most primal circle of life on the Savannah. You will be encouraged to live every single moment of this adventure to its fullest and create memories that will last a lifetime. For further details on this exciting Yoga Safari Retreat please visit




4 Week Workshop

~ Yoga for the Fall and Early Winter 

an Ayurvedic Approach with Joanne Cooper ~ 

Saturdays  November 7, 14, 21, 28 ~ 10:00 – 11:30 

This 4-week series will explore the concepts of the 5 elements of nature as they relate to Ayurveda, offering us the opportunity to further develop insight into the elements of Air and Ether, the primary influences affecting us during the Fall and Early Winter, the ‘Vata’ season.

You will learn how adopting a seasonal approach to your Yoga practice, using seasonally supportive asanas and breathing practices, will enhance your sense of balance and calm under this influence.

You will learn which foods and flavours are seasonally supportive, and which ones potentially aggravate, allowing an opportunity to balance your health from within your own kitchen.

Additionally, you will learn to recognize the signs of balance within the body, as well as deepening your awareness of the signs of imbalance, empowering you with additional Ayurvedic tools to restore health and harmony using dietary, lifestyle and aromatherapy tips.

Each class will offer a few moments to discuss a weekly Ayurvedic theme, then using breath and seasonally appropriate asana, we will work to deepen our connection with Prana, our vital life force within. Each class will conclude with a deeply restorative and meditative Yoga Nidra experience, grounding our journey for the coming week ahead.

Perhaps you are curious and just wandering into the world of Yoga, or perhaps you are already deeply invested. Wherever you are on the journey, Ayurveda has much to offer you.

Ayurveda, the 5,000 year old Vedic ‘Science of Life’, is the traditional natural healing system of the Himalayas. Deeply aligned and integrated with Yoga, it is considered the healing branch of yogic science. Today, at the forefront of progressive mind-body medicine with its understanding of life and consciousness, it does not appear archaic or obsolete but rather a key to the medicine of the future.

Yoga and Ayurveda are complimentary Vedic sciences, they originated from the same source and share a common history, language and cultural foundation. Integrating Ayurveda into your Yoga practice can bring about a greater sense of balance, harmony, self-awareness and health. Ayurveda is a yogic resource to be drawn upon freely, adapting the unique needs of the individual with ever changing seasonal, life stage and other environmental influences.

Joanne Cooper is an AAPNA Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner; a certified Yoga Teacher CYA-RYT250; has completed 250 hours of formal training as a Professional Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist. She is passionate about transforming our relationship with food, cooking and eating, restoring our connection with the seasonal influences of nature and delving into Ayurveda, where we ‘allow food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food’. Joanne would be thrilled to lead you on your Ayurvedic ~ Yoga path toward a more balanced fall :)

 Please email Elizabeth with questions or to register 

@ ~ $55.00 for 4 weeks


Welcome back to yoga and meditation as

Find Your Balance re-opens it’s doors for the fall session.

We can’t wait to see you in studio September 8 :)

Find Your Balance Yoga Studio will re-open September 8.

Please email Elizabeth at to register for classes.

We are so looking forward to seeing you :) 

Find Your Balance is now closed until September 7.

We are so very grateful to all students and teachers who support our studio.

We wish you a fabulous summer, and look very forward to seeing you in the fall. 

I promise to keep you updated as to any Yoga in the Park :)

The Spirit in me sees the Spirit in you and honours it.



New 8 week Session beginning April 27!

Register now or join us mid-session today :)

New Hatha Flow Classes Monday 6:00 – 7:15 and Wednesday 10:30 – 11:45

Yoga and Meditation

Christmas Gift Certificates

now available!!

Help your loved one feel

stronger, more flexible and more vibrant in 2015!!!

Call Elizabeth at 250 802 4402

to order your customized GC today!

Join us for the New Year Session running for 8 weeks January 5 – February 23.

The FALL SESSION begins October 27!!

8 weeks for $80

New offerings include Meditation for Beginners and

also a class for those more advanced.

Please see the new schedule on the CLASSES page

and email Elizabeth with any questions you may have.

Happy Fall :)

Find Your Balance Studio is closed for the summer,

re-opening Sept 2nd.

Until we next meet I offer this Apache Blessing to you…

“May the sun bring you energy by day,

May the moon safely restore you by night,

May the rain wash away your worries,

May the breeze blow new strength into your being,

May you walk gently through the world

And know it’s beauty

All the days of your life”

Namaste, Elizabeth


New 8 Week Spring Session beginning

May 5th through June 27th

Call or email Elizabeth to enroll :)

(250) 802 4402

Just a couple of weeks until Christmas…get those

Yoga Gift Certificates for someone you love today!

Email Elizabeth at

New 8 Week session begins the week of January 13th, 2014


Fall 2013 Session

beginning the week of November 4th and

running for 7 weeks until December 20th.  

Call Elizabeth at 250 802 4402 or email to reserve your space!


New 75 minute Tuesday evening Vinyasa class

with the always enthusiastic, keep-it-real, fabulous teacher

Lesley Lawrence from LallyB Yoga

beginning November 5th at 7PM!!!

Email Elizabeth at

to reserve your space now!!! 


Terrific news!!!!!

Girls Tween and Teen Classes beginning in September…

Teen (13 – 16) Classes starting Tuesday September 17th 4 – 5 PM.

Tween (9-12) Classes starting Thursday September 19th 3:30 – 4:30 PM.

8 weeks for $80.00! Please email

or call 250 802 4402 for details!!!

GIRLS ONLY TEEN (ages 13 – 17, Tuesdays) and TWEEN (ages 9 – 12, Thursdays) Yoga

There is enormous pressure on pre-teen and teenage girls to have the “perfect” body, as dictated by the media. This societal concern along with natural hormonal fluctuations can cause girls to not recognize, be comfortable in, or like their changing bodies. Yoga can help them get in touch with themselves physically, mentally and emotionally.

These Teen and Tween Classes will include rhythmic breathing and meditation, teaching the  students a natural way to manage their daily stresses and inherent mood swings. Learning to breathe correctly now will help develop lifetime tools to quiet the mind and calm anxieties. A supportive, non-competitive atmosphere will help the girls to discover their personal yoga practice, and that they alone are responsible for feeling good about themselves.

Posture also will be a key focus of these classes, as it can deteriorate during these years due to time on electronics and carrying heavy backpacks. We will also work on helping the girls realize the strength their bodies already have (or can build through yoga), which enhances their personal power and self esteem.

As the girls continue to grow, their bones lengthen and often their muscles do not keep up. This can cause a loss in flexibility. Yoga helps to maintain or increase their flexibility, which is important for general health, but which also is key to sports injury prevention. Yoga is a perfect compliment for all body types, including young dancers and athletes whose muscles are strong but also short, and therefore lack flexibility.

These Introductory Classes will progress from initially learning and understanding the asanas (postures), to linking them together (almost like a dance), using the breath. Ultimately the class will be a flow style of yoga to help the girls get out of their busy minds and into their bodies. Our goal is that these young women will learn to be present and mindful, to appreciate the beauty of their own bodies, and to feel strong and confident. And along the way, we promise to have a lot of fun!!!


Fall Classes to begin the week of September 9th.

Please email Elizabeth at to register.



A heartfelt THANK YOU to all who participated in our

Karma Vinyasa Classes this past week.  

We raised loads of non-perishable food times,to be donated to the

Lantzville Fire Department,

who help local residents in need all year round.  


As we enter the final week of classes

before we close the studio for the summer,

we are so thankful to our dedicated students

for making our inaugural year such a great success!!




The studio will re-open for regular classes, the week of

September 9th for the 8 week Fall Session.

Check out the proposed new fall schedule on the website now!

It is never too early to sign up, with only 10 spaces,

classes fill quickly…



Throughout the summer we will run classes periodically.

The first set will be as follows :

July 9th 9:30 AM Hatha with Elizabeth

July 9th 5:30 PM Hatha with Elizabeth

July 11th 9:30 AM YinYang with Elizabeth

July 11th 5:30 PM Yin Yang with Elizabeth

 Sign-up sheets are in studio this week or email me at

to reserve your place…only 10 spots per class!

Terrific price at only $10 per class!!!


Exciting News!!

Wendy Balfour,

a fabulous teacher specializing in

Vinyasa and Hatha Flow,

will be joining Find Your Balance Yoga Studio in September!!

Wendy will be hosting a few FREE classes over the summer

to introduce you to her teaching style.

Details and dates to come!


By Popular Demand!!!

New Wednesday Morning Beginner Hatha Class

9:30 – 10:30

8 weeks for $80

Call Elizabeth at 250 802 4402 to register!



Currently in the middle of the Spring 8 Week Session, ending the week of April 22 – 26

8 weeks of 1 class per week for $80.00

8 weeks of 2 classes per week for $150.00

Mid-session registration is available

Call Elizabeth at 250 802 4402 for more information!



Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation classes for students from Lantzville and Nanaimo.

Latest session began the week of February 4th.

Mid-session registration is available.

Call Elizabeth at 250-802-4402 for more info!

New Session in progress.  Started January 8th.  

Still time to register if you like!!

Call Elizabeth 250 802 4402


Studio closing from December 21st – January 7th for the Christmas Holiday.


May you enjoy a peace-filled holiday season surrounded by friends and family.


Elizabeth, Emmanuel and Alena


Next session of classes begins the week of JANUARY 8th                 

This 8 week session runs until the beginning of March.  

$80 for 8 weeks (1 class per week).  Call or email Elizabeth to register!


December Drop-In Special…Our Gift to You!

Drop in to any Hatha or Yin – Yang class December 1st – 21st for a very special low price of $10.00 including tax.  The regular cost for drop-in is $14.00, but we wanted to reduce it this year as our gift to you.  Come and try a class or encourage a friend who you think may benefit, to join you in your regular class.  Check out the Classes Page to see which class will work for you!

Saturday December 1st, 2012

Yoga and Lunch Fundraiser

The Silent Auction for this hour long Hatha style class followed by a gourmet 3 course (at least) meal for 8, raised several hundred dollars for the “Angels at Work so Angels Can Play” Memorial Playground Fund.  Looking very forward to hosting the generous ladies who out-bid the competition!  Thank you again to Robin and Sarah for the fabulous meal!!

Next Session of classes begins

the week of October 22nd

Check the Classes Page to see what classes may work best for you this session.  Remember a 6 week session is $60.00 including HST and a 12 week session is $110.00.  By popular demand we have added another Yin – Yang class Friday mornings 9:30 – 10:30.  Hope to see you in the studio soon!!

Saturday October 20th

Yoga and Lunch Fundraiser

Thanks to Sarah and Robin for planning and preparing the fabulous lunch, and thanks so much to the ladies that attended the event, with all funds raised going to a dear neighbour in need.  This is what community is all about!!!



The Studio is NOW OPEN!!!

We officially opened our doors on September 10th, and have enjoyed rave reviews on the classes and studio.  THANK YOU!!!

If you are looking for a class that may work for you, check out our Classes Page to see what we currently are offering, or email us if you don’t see what you are looking for, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

A heartfelt thank you to all our family, friends and loyal supporters, without whom this would not have been possible.  Opening this studio has been a long-term goal and now it truly feels like a dream come true!!




Sundays July 8, 15, 22, 29 2012 @ 10:30 AM

in Huddlestone Park, Lantzville

Thank you for making Yoga in the Park such a terrific success!!  Together we raised $1000.00 for the “Angels at Work, so Angels can Play” Fund in support of the Drake Brothers Memorial Playground.  We also communed with Nature and each other while enjoying 4 different yoga teachers and 4 unique styles of yoga.  Keep posted for Yoga in the Park to return next summer, back by popular demand.

Please join us at Huddlestone Park in picturesque Lower Lantzville this July for “YOGA IN THE PARK”!

Enjoy 4 weeks of open air yoga surrounded by the natural beauty of our seaside village. Sponsored by Find Your Balance Yoga Studio, these yoga classes are open to all with whatever cash donation you wish to offer. All money collected will be donated to the “Angels at Work, so Angels can Play” Memorial Playground. This playground is being constructed in the memory of the young Drake brothers who tragically lost their lives in a house fire in Lantzville this past January. The goal is to reach $50,000 and thanks to many hard working and compassionate people, more than half of that has been raised already!

Each week at “YOGA IN THE PARK” you will enjoy a different “Guest Yoga Teacher” who will share her personal style of yoga and teaching with you. Whether you have always wanted to try yoga or are a veteran yogi, this event promises to be fun-filled and educational.

Find Your Balance Yoga Studio would like to thank the following teachers for their devotion and love of yoga and their dedication of time and energy to this worthy cause.

July 8th  Kathy Beliveau

Kathy’s lifelong passion for yoga shines through in her classes, workshops and retreats.  Originally introduced to Sivananda Yoga, she has studied various styles of yoga and is inspired by both the diversity of the new, and the depth of the more traditional lineages.  Kathy offers a gentle yet dynamic approach that embodies the eight limbs of yoga.  She shares her yoga with reverence and joy. She has also studied Children’s Yoga and is the author of The Yoga Game.
Kathy is delighted to be offering regular classes, starting September 2012 at Find Your Balance Yoga Studio in Lantzville. Learn more about Kathy and The Yoga Game at

July 15th Kalila Wilkinson

Kalila Wilkinson is a Sivananda yoga instructor, long time practitioner of yoga and resident of Lantzville.  Kalila appreciates the power of yoga to calm the mind, stretch the body and bring balance to our busy lives. Kalila’s classes are appropriate for beginner students as well as those with a more advanced practice.

July 22nd   Lesley Lawrence

It is a privilege to be part of the fundraiser for the Drake Brothers memorial playground, “Angels at Work, So Angels Can Play”.  Come on out and honour the entire Drake family as we have fun doing yoga in the park!
My name is Lesley Lawrence.  For years I have been twisting myself into knots.  My love for dance and gymnastics lead me to yoga 20 years ago and I’ve been a fan ever since.  When I’m not in the studio, you might find me hiking around the beautiful mountain trails with my family, camping, enjoying the company of my amazing friends and family, or sipping tea on the couch and curling up with a good book.  
Along with being a Yoga Teacher, I’m also a certified Pilates Instructor and Medical Exercise Specialist.  You can find me teaching at Om Town Yoga, Red Door Yoga, Lifestyles Gym and The Nanaimo Athletic Club.

July 29th Elizabeth Stenning

Elizabeth believes that one of yoga’s many health benefits is that it can assist with healing. Being a mother of a nine year old herself, she was deeply saddened by the tragic house fire that stole the young Drake brothers from their family and wanted to do something to help. And so the idea of “Yoga in the Park” was born. Elizabeth and Find Your Balance Yoga Studio are excited to sponsor this 4 week open air event in July, with all the money collected each week being donated to the “Angels at Work, So Angels Can Play” Memorial, honouring the Drake Boys.  She hopes that these classes can be an opportunity to assist in the healing process for those touched by this tragedy in her community, while financially supporting the Memorial as well.  Visit for more details.


Come on out and enjoy some fun yoga under the sky, experiencing a new teacher each week, and supporting a great cause as well. Hope to see you at YOGA IN THE PARK July 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th at 10:30 AM!!  Please bring your own or a borrowed yoga mat.

We gratefully extend our thanks to Island’s Edge Graphics, Mean Eye Graphics, Ward Norcutt and Emmanuel Lint, without whose assistance and support this event would not have been possible!!


Find Your Balance Yoga offers yoga, meditation and pranayam instruction for adults and teens in Lantzville and Nanaimo.