Elizabeth Stenning

IMG_7054Elizabeth has been practicing yoga and meditation for more than 35 years. After a stress-related illness in 2001, she chose to deepen her knowledge of this discipline she loves. Wanting to share her passion with newcomers and seasoned yogis alike, Elizabeth created Find Your Balance Yoga Studio. As the name suggests, Elizabeth believes that in today’s fast-paced culture it is easy to lose track of priorities and forget what is most fundamental. She finds that her daily Yoga, Pranayam and meditation practice help her to remain mindful.

Formally trained in the Hatha style of Yoga, Elizabeth follows the 8 limbs of Yoga in her teachings and her Life. In Sept 2014, Elizabeth spent 3 weeks studying in the Himalayas, living and breathing yoga, Pranayam and meditation. This experience has left her feeling deeply grounded and crystal clear about priorities and her life.

Tailored to aid in flexibility, resilience and strength, Elizabeth’s classes are suited for all levels of Yogi, including beginners or those returning to practice after an absence. Physical asana (Yang and Yin), Pranayam and meditation flow together, creating mind/body stress reduction and holistic wellness.  Spiritual class themes combined with science based modalities (such as neuroplasticity) assist participants in recognizing negative patterns of behaviour and replacing them with transformative new perspectives. Elizabeth strives to leave you feeling energized and more alive, yet also calm and more focused, thus able to live a more authentic life, where you prioritize YOUR health and overall wellbeing.

Finally, Elizabeth believes it is important to understand that where we are now, is exactly where we are supposed to be, in this moment. Self love, compassion, forgiveness and acceptance assist us in creating a firm foundation from which to grow … within ourselves and therefor our relationships. Our journey forward from here begins with simply taking the first step, whatever that may be. She hopes to walk part of that path beside you. Namaste.

Kalila Wilkinson


Yoga is a path of self-inquiry that Kalila has been exploring since childhood.  She is grateful for this yogic journey, which has deepened her understanding of the Self, as well as her appreciation for the beauty of this world.
Kalila has studied Hatha Yoga, Sivanada yoga and yoga therapy. Her classes convey an ethos of connection with oneself inwardly, as well as expansively with all living things.  Kalila follows the Eight Limbs of Yoga and enjoins physical asana practice with mindfulness exercises, pranayama (breath work) and yogic philosophy. Her instruction style aims to enhance strength and flexibility in both mind and body, while also recalibrating the nervous system in response to life’s daily stressors.

As a teacher, Kalila seeks to provide others with a safe space to explore inwardly towards that place where the dualities of life merge.   She believes that it is when we can slow down and appreciate life just as it is, that we then speed forward in our own evolution.  Om Shanti.

Barbara Busch


“Even a pebble cast in the middle of a lake creates ripples that eventually reaches the shore.”― Jeffrey G. Duarte

Barbara embodies the Japanese concept of “ikigai” which roughly translates to “that which gets you out of bed in the morning” and is similar to the idea of “Dharma” laid out in the Vedic texts. This requires cultivating mindful awareness and aligning oneself to their passions and purpose in order to achieve inner peace and fulfillment through being of benefit to their highest self and the highest self of others.

By drawing upon her own training and experience she seeks to meet people where they’re at and holds space in order to guide and support others to discover ways to empower themselves to find more joy, peace and balance from within.

In her classes, Barbara delights in weaving the physical practice of asana with the philosophical teachings of the 8 limbs in yoga to provide a rich and introspective quality that promotes mind/body awareness and cultivates a resilience and flexibility that lingers off the mat.

She is deeply grateful to have found a community with which she can deepen her own yoga practice and learn how to share these teachings with like-minded individuals who are seeking to expand and increase the quality of their own lives. Namaste!

 Michael Szidorov


As far back as I can remember I have always been interested or involved in physical fitness or sports, whether it was team sports or individual sports. Also, for the last 30 years I have been a practicing Healthcare practitioner with national and international experiences.

My personal yoga practice started in 2004 due to a back injury and I immediately witnessed the benefits. It gave me increased mobility and helped me with pain management. I wanted to further my yoga practice; I did so by obtaining my 200-hour yoga teachers certificate with Trinity Yoga of Nelson, BC in December 2007, with numerous studies after that. I am graced by interrelationship of Yogic Philosophies and Buddhist Philosophies of which I have taken as my path.

My intent and mission is to never stop learning and to share what I have learned.

Nicole Soby


I have been a dedicated student of yoga and movement for over 15 years. Yoga has been the quickest route to the heart of the matter – to the truth. The tools I have cultivated through Meditation, Pranayama, and Movement have guided me through the ebbs and flows of life with self awareness, grace, and intention. It is my fierce belief that within us all lies the power to reflect, heal, and create the lives we seek. I aim for my classes to be an authentic expression of the lessons I encounter through this journey known as life. My intention as a teacher is to provide a safe space in which you can explore, release, and create. I look forward to exploring with you!
May you know that you are your own greatest teacher.
May you know you that your life is happening for you.
May you know that you are powerful beyond measure.
With love and warmth,

Kathy Beliveau

Headshot - Kathy Beliveau copy

Kathy was raised in Lantzville and raised her own family here.

Kathy’s lifelong passion for yoga shines through in her classes, workshops and professional development presentations. Originally introduced to Sivananda Yoga, she has studied various styles of yoga and is inspired by both the diversity of the new, and the depth of the more traditional lineages. Kathy offers a gentle yet dynamic approach that encourages a sense of balance and connection.

Kathy has also studied Children’s Yoga and is the author of The Yoga Game, The Yoga Game Series and the co-author of the Strong Body and Mind Yoga Cards. Read more at www.kathybeliveau.ca For information on her classes please email Kathy at kathyrb@telus.net.


Find Your Balance Yoga Studio is strategically located in Lower Lantzville adjacent to North Nanaimo, offering Pranayam, meditation and yoga to adults and teens. Please call Elizabeth at 250 802 4402 or email FindYourBalanceYoga@gmail.com with any questions.