Elizabeth Stenning


Elizabeth has been practicing yoga for more than 35 years. After a stress-related illness in 2001, she chose to deepen her knowledge of this discipline she loves. Wanting to share her passion with newcomers to yoga and seasoned yogis alike, Elizabeth created Find Your Balance Yoga Studio. As the name suggests, Elizabeth believes that in today’s fast-paced culture it is easy to lose track of priorities and forget what is most fundamental. She finds that her daily Yoga, Pranayam and meditation practice keep her on a more even keel.

Formally trained in the Hatha style of Yoga, Elizabeth follows the 8 limbs of Yoga in her teachings and her Life. Her classes are a combination of physical asana, Pranayam, and meditation resulting in combined mind / body stress reduction. Tailored to aid in both flexibility and strength, Elizabeth’s classes are suited for all levels of Yogi, especially beginners or those returning to practice after an absence. Elizabeth strives to leave her students feeling energized, yet also calm and more focused.

In Sept 2014, Elizabeth spent 3 weeks studying in the Himalayas, living and breathing yoga, Pranayam and meditation. This experience has left her feeling deeply grounded and crystal clear about priorities and her life. She is excited to share her new learnings with her family, friends and students alike.

Finally, Elizabeth believes it is important to understand that where we are now, is exactly where we are supposed to be in this moment. This realization can assist us in living our lives with greater compassion toward ourselves, thus offering a heightened level of empathy to those around us. Once we come from a more balanced place, we create a firm foundation from which to grow. We live in harmony with Nature and other beings, and then everything flows naturally and begins to click into place. Our journey forward from here begins with simply taking the first step, whatever that may be. She hopes to walk part of that path beside you.

Michael Szidorov


As far back as I can remember I have always been interested or involved in physical fitness or sports, whether it was team sports or individual sports. Also, for the last 30 years I have been a practicing Healthcare practitioner with national and international experiences.

My personal yoga practice started in 2004 due to a back injury and I immediately witnessed the benefits. It gave me increased mobility and helped me with pain management. I wanted to further my yoga practice; I did so by obtaining my 200-hour yoga teachers certificate with Trinity Yoga of Nelson, BC in December 2007, with numerous studies after that. I am graced by interrelationship of Yogic Philosophies and Buddhist Philosophies of which I have taken as my path.

My intent and mission is to never stop learning and to share what I have learned.

Meg Gorosh


Meg has been a serious practitioner of yoga for 10 years. Yoga’s mindful and transformative nature, and immense opportunity for self discovery drew her in and she’s never looked back.

With a background in social work, Meg’s approach to yoga comes from a  philosophy of empowerment and self awareness, and believes yoga gives  people the opportunity to discover their most authentic, brilliant  selves. She takes to heart yoga’s roots in non-competition, non-violence, kindness, and connection. She is constantly inspired by the depth of personal awareness that yoga facilitates, and by the amazing community of teachers and students that surround her.

When not in the studio, you will find Meg exploring the incredible variety of activities available on Vancouver Island, whether running Westwood, sitting quietly by the Nanaimo river, or swimming in the tranquility of Piper’s lagoon. With a love of physical activity, Meg takes the sweetness of movement and stretch off of the mat and into her life, always on the lookout for the next adventure!

Jen Eaton


I am a mother, yogini, nature-loving adventure seeker, fully absorbing the magic of beautiful Vancouver Island.

My yoga journey started more as a means to improve my rock climbing abilities; to infuse more strength and flexibility into climbing. I quickly discovered that yoga would become powerful medicine for struggles and challenges in life, as well as providing an amazing community of kindred spirits. The love I have for yoga has brought me closer to my true self, more in tune with who I really am at my core, and has developed deeper connections with loved ones, my community and the natural world I hold so dear to my heart.

Trained in Vinyasa Flow inspired “Blissology” yoga with Eoin Finn, with a deep emphasis on the principals of love and connection, I truly feel I am living out my life’s dream by being able to spread these teachings and amazing vibes throughout our communities. We were asked to search out our “life’s mission” in our training, and mine was “To live life from the heart”. Each yoga class I teach comes straight from my heart. I try to find this path in everything I do.

To me, yoga practice is a conduit for connection… a deep connection with ourselves; an opportunity for body and mind to have an honest conversation. When we practice yoga, in a way that is embodied and in tune with our breath and bodies, we allow for a glimpse into our true self. In doing this, by feeling this connection to ourselves, we can then leave our mat feeling inspired to be more in tune with our surroundings…Our loved ones, our communites, our planet and so on. The ripple effect is incredible. This is what I hope for in all my students. Can you find who you truly are, who you are between two thoughts, when you are present and in tune with your breath? If so, can we then be more aware of how we interact with others and the environment around us? I feel that this is the most beautiful outcome of a dedicated practice.

My classes will be a balance of playfulness and calmness; outward joy and inward reflection. Suitable for beginner and experienced yogis alike. I hope to see you in the studio, Namaste.

 Madison Agrey


Madison attended her first yoga class in 2009 and found it incredibly challenging and uncomfortable. However, it introduced her to the practice of slowing down, noticing how she felt, supporting herself when she needed to be and challenging limiting thoughts. This opened up an entirely foreign and fascinating world to her and five years later she took her teacher training in Indonesia with YogaWorks.

After a few years of travel she moved from the northern prairies to Vancouver Island which she now warmly welcomes as her home. Since moving she has completed over 100 hours of additional yoga training and graduated as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. Yoga introduced her to the ever-evolving and rich relationship with herself that she has been nurturing and growing through her own practice. Using a compassionate approach, Madison’s classes encourage a sense of connection and devotion. She aims to empower others to tune into their bodies, notice what is arising and attend with warmth and kindness. For more info on Madison’s classes see www.madisonagrey.com

Kathy Beliveau

Headshot - Kathy Beliveau copy

Kathy was raised in Lantzville and raised her own family here.

Kathy’s lifelong passion for yoga shines through in her classes, workshops and professional development presentations. Originally introduced to Sivananda Yoga, she has studied various styles of yoga and is inspired by both the diversity of the new, and the depth of the more traditional lineages. Kathy offers a gentle yet dynamic approach that encourages a sense of balance and connection.

Kathy has also studied Children’s Yoga and is the author of The Yoga Game, The Yoga Game Series and the co-author of the Strong Body and Mind Yoga Cards. Read more at www.kathybeliveau.ca

For information on her classes please email Kathy at kathyrb@telus.net.

Find Your Balance Yoga Studio is strategically located in Lower Lantzville adjacent to North Nanaimo, offering Pranayam, meditation and yoga to adults and teens. Please call Elizabeth at 250 802 4402 or email FindYourBalanceYoga@gmail.com with any questions.